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Your online marketing strategy demands video content—we can help. VidWrx provides scalable video production services to marketers and agencies anywhere in North America. In just 14 days, we transform concepts into high-quality video while giving you as much-or as little-control over the creative process as you choose. From pre-production and videography to editing and analytics, our expert team and proven production process deliver results-driven video, in any volume, with maximum ROI.


Define your overall video goals and project scope. Choose a video style to achieve your goals, selecting from a wide range of standard video formats or a custom format that we'll create to match your requirements. Work with a dedicated VidWrx producer to finalize your plan.


Starting from your goals and creative requirements, we prepare a detailed production plan and script for your approval. Once you've approved the project, your dedicated producer assigns a local VidWrx production team to shoot and produce your video, anywhere in North America.


Now our post-production team goes to work. In 10 days, your video is ready for screening and editing feedback. Our editor makes requested changes, finalizes the video and uploads it to your account dashboard. Now you can distribute your video content directly from our platform or use a customized VidWrx embeddable player.

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